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Bulk WhatsApp Sender pro allows you to send text messages, images, WhatsApp videos, audio files and vCard with contact information to WhatsApp registered users in bulk using different WhatsApp Channels from this powerful WhatsApp marketing software.


How To Send Bulk Whatsapp Sender Pro Marketing Software Messages From PC Real-Time

  • Bulk WhatsApp sender pro Marketing application gives you awesome features like unlimited Message sending taste, its Allows Unlimited multimedia message sending, Numbers Filters system, Grabber of Groups Contacts, Anti Block system, sleep, speed, delay control system, and so on one click.
  • Bulk WhatsApp Sender pro marketing software allows users to send their text, images, videos, pdf, documents, etc. Here, the user can find other several tools to verify and filter mobile numbers. Groups Contacts Grabber tools to allows extracting all WhatsApp contacts from WhatsApp groups.
  • Bulk WhatsApp sender pro software anti-blocking tool reduces the chance to get blocked. This WhatsApp marketing software is 100% safe and reliable and easy to use. Use WhatsApp bulk sender to keep your accounts 100% secure.
  • Everything clients can make and keep up the Whatsender promoting effort and furthermore control speed, a defer time among messages, and furthermore, the client can control rest time.

WhatsApp bulk sender one of the most popular web-based marketing software among eCommerce and retails companies to make their advertising with interesting ideas to keep the audience engaged.

This is an awesome marketing tool for small businesses to run effective WhatsApp and social media campaigns within their limited budget and your online business struggling to drive marketing campaigns and maintain customer relationships.

If you will like to send WhatsApp messages, such as greeting to your friends and family or the latest promotional offers to your customer.

Why Whatsapp Messages Software the best tool for marketing your business.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender pro allows us to copy or import contacts from the file (CSV or TXT). Buy and use our Windows app to send unlimited text, photos & PDF WhatsApp messages. Send it to an unlimited number of contacts. Import list from Excel files easily and instantly so faster.

It is a long time to improve your WhatsApp marketing strategy using this Whatssender Web sender tools to message sender pro software. This application is not an automated tool. Enjoy software utilizes the API feature of bulk WhatsApp marketing tool to send bulk messages without violating its terms and conditions.

It has built-in WhatsApp number filtration function. You can avail to filter a large number of real targeted WhatsApp users.

We are providing Bulk WhatsApp marketing software for the USA and Canada free trial for testing. We can provide your WhatsApp database for the different business sectors in Bangladesh.

Concerned about Your Business During Lockdown?

During lockdown, covid-19 situation lot of business stuck due to affected marketing and lose customers engaged. In this situation, you can be improved your WhatsApp marketing strategy using Whatsapp bulk sender software.

Day-by-day WhatsApp marking strategy exploring the USA, Canada, UK, Indonesia, Philippines, and middle east countries.

How popular is WhatsApp marketing in India?

India is the biggest market in the Whatsapp World and provably two hundred million users and WhatsApp marketing people communication through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp sender pro

Bulk WhatsApp sender Pro software features ( wappblaster )

  1. Instant download & use. No waiting!
  2. Send unlimited messages to bulk WhatsApp messages to unlimited contacts.
  3. Send unlimited messages, photos, videos & documents.
  4. Import & export data from or into Microsoft Excel & .txt file.
  5. 1 Year license. Free Update.
  6. Works on Windows 7, 8, 10 and supports WhatsApp and WhatsApp for business
  7. Multi-languages support

How to bulk Whatsapp sender pro works. 

How to schedule sending messages in Whatapp Sender pro

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Lates version 2020 demo video:


  • Excellent training tutorial for the newbie users
  • Appreciable customer service
  • User-friendly interface and comfortable for the beginners
  • Campaigns Analytics reports
  • Multi-accounts auto variation system
  • Multi-languages support


  • It is a time-consuming procedure because you have to send the messages manually and there is no automatic technique.
  • It permits you to send only text messages
  • This software does not support the google chrome extension.
  • Also does not support google sheet

Can we send bulk messages from WhatsApp Web?

Of course, why not, you can send WhatsApp bulk sender on the WhatsApp platform effortlessly in a precise manner. Many WhatsApp marketers implement this technique to share files for business processing during difficult times with their employees. You can send messages in any format like a word file, excel, pdf, etc for your needs.

The limitation of the bulk WhatsApp sender pro depends on the tier you occupy. If you lie on the first tier then you can send 100K messages to your customers per day. The next tier permits 10K and the following tier allows 100K messages per day. Gradually your business WhatsApp account updates to a different tier after a regular period. The tier updating process occurs automatically and it is impossible for manual changes.

Is bulk WhatsApp Sender pro legal?

Sending mass messages on WhatsApp stage disregarding the terms and state of this application is unlawful.

In an ongoing declaration, WhatsApp has expressed that abuse of mechanized mass informing highlight is carefully culpable under legitimate terms. This limitation authorized in light of the phony advances meandering in the midst of the clients.

There are client’s records who sidestep the AI procedure of this application through unapproved mass messages. All the exercises which abuse their recorded terms and condition are unlawful. You need to maintain those guidelines when you use the underlying functionalities of WhatsApp.

Latest Version WhatsApp Sender pro  v8.0 Download links

WhatsApp bulk sender download

How to update WhatsApp sender pro version v8.0

  1. Download latest version v8.0 from download area
  2. After successfully download unzip the file and Install it.
  3. Make sure your are using latest version Chrome Browser. Otherwise Update chrome browser.
  4. Then copy ( chromedriver.exe ) file and replace it to below (5.)  destination folder.
  5. C:\Program Files (x86)\Bulk Whatsapp\Bulk Whatsapp Sender
  6. If not replaced  or you face any problem Go to Task Manager and find chromedriver.exe line
  7. Then End Task the all  chromedriver.exe, from Task manager.
  8. Then Replace again same as no (4. and 5.)
  9. All done

If you are unable to install or any error during install or facing any problem contact us our support team will help you.


WhatsApp for License Key

Follow the following Steps to get License Key

  1. Download Bulk WhatsApp Software Installation zip file.
  2. Extract Zip file in your pc/laptop.
  3. Run the Installation exe file.
  4. After Installation open it, a popup will appear with request key.
  5. Copy the request key and send us through WhatsApp
  6. We will send you the Bulk WhatsApp Sender License Key.

Whatsapp pro license key

Final through of WhatsApp sender pro.

Therefore, you had an informative discussion on bulk WhatsApp sender pro bulk message sender applications. These applications enhance your business processing and assist you to succeed in for the target customers easily.

Connect with the above-discussed tools to understand more about its updated features. it’s the right time to spice up up your benefits and sales Myntra a competitive market by adopting unique innovative technology.



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